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Trade show Coventry

(Zen) #1

Hi folks, any one going to the P&D trade show? I am going on the Tuesday with a few friends if anyone wants to share a coffee and say hello?

(dave D9 decor) #2

yes i’ll be there Tues too

(Zen) #3

Hi Dave I haven’t been before, do you know what the set up is like…wheres a good place to meet?

(Martin Guest) #4

I’m going to be on the MyPaintBrush stand; Stand 63 - drop by and say hello!

(Andy Crichton) #5

The MyPaintBrush stand will be a local hangout for a few, located in the busy part of the show.

(Zen) #6

Cool ,see ya there then, look forward to it.

(pd67) #7

I’m hoping to be there myself on both days.
1st stop My Paintbrush!

(greenpainting) #8

I’ve been promised chocolate at the My Paintbrush stand so that’s enough to get me there!

(Martin Guest) #9

Drop by… I’m on the MyPaintbrush stand!

(Andy Crichton) #10

How long will it take you to get down to Coventry?

(pd67) #11

All in all about 22.5 hours if I get a good crossing.