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What lining paper do people use with emulsion

(andybury) #1

Whats the best lining paper to use in preparation for a perfect painted finish on walls and ceilings.

(darlic) #2

HI, another alternative to lining paper is the planeo system ,look into it,by touprett I am in the process of getting the tools and will let everyone no how I get on .cheers

(darlic) #3

Have you thought about embossed paper,I have done a few in park homes and really covers well.

(markjuk) #4

Erfurt MAV Professional is excellent -

(andybury) #5

Thanks just ordered a box.

(andybury) #6

Have you got a web address with pricing?

(dave D9 decor) #7

Brewers own brand Albany Paste The Wall lining paper is very good - its falls short of WallRock but its a fibre based rather than paper pulp product - hangs well and easily.

For traditional paste the paper lining I would go 1200 as a minimum, 1400 for best results and 1700 where its really required

(matt) #8

I agree with Mark, Erfurt is very good quality, I would always hang a minimum 1200 grade