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What's in a name - magnolia

(Andy Crichton) #1

Some call it magnolia, others Gardenia, others Cooks Cream or White Tie, what would you call it to make the world’s most popular off-white sound appealing.


I find that Pointing is the new Magnolia, or at least enough of my customers do!!!

(RJ Taylor Decoration Ltd) #3

As a colour Magnolia is pretty nice I think. Trouble is people are put off you its ‘contract’ ties.
I’d go along with Tony’s Pointing though

(Mark West) #4

08B15, the client would think he’s all technical give him the job. :slight_smile: It’s not actually a bad colour but with overuse and multitudes of similar colours available has become stale and unfashionable.

(coys84) #5

council pop :)…

(Andy Crichton) #6

You have a great career in marketing ahead of you. :smile:

(Chris Graham) #7

I used it on my own colour chart and used it on one of the first kitchens I designed I called it yeomans cream.