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What's the best caulk gun

(darlic) #1

HI folks what do you recommend for best caulk gun.

(bitzz) #2

The ‘Cox’ version from Toolstation

(greenpainting) #3

I’ve just started using the Fossa gun recently. It’s a lot easier to use than the skeleton type but it only takes the smaller size tubes.

(darlic) #4

Been looking at them decorating direct sell them thanks for the tip.

(Craig Brooks P & D) #5

I bought a dripless gun at the p&d show. Love it

(darlic) #6

Any feedback on the cox 41004-xt.chilton extra thrust gun,is it worth the price.

(bitzz) #7

Try this one from my earlier post

works well does not keep running and good value for money