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Zinsser perma white

(Andrew Blackburn) #1

Morning all. How does perma satin/semi gloss compare to say dulux qd satin/eco gloss in terms of levelling, durability and finish on soft wood stairs ? I usually source my paints from brewers, crown centre and screwfix. Is there a better paint choice?

(darlic) #2

Hi perma white is suited for high traffic areas ,fast recoat time, and sticks to surface without sanding, and gives a nice finish.The real test would be
painting a bit of wood with permawhite and another with eco gloss ,and getting a bit of tape seeing what has the best adhesion i think perma white
would be the best.

(Andrew Blackburn) #3

Good idea! I’m going to find some trim, get them ready, paint and label. I’ll be able to see how the paints perform being applied,and adhesion with the tape test :wink: also I can compare the sheen finishes.
Also useful samples to show clients!

(Willis_Decorating) #4

Hi Andy,
I’m interested to know how your experiment went on the adhesive side of things.
If you have an update please post?

(Andrew Blackburn) #5

Hi, I’ve been so busy that I only got as far as buying some timber skirting from b&q.

(Willis_Decorating) #6

Fair enough. I never got that far, only reason I was asking.
Do let us know when you do try it, or I will vice verse , although I’d be testing it against Johnstones aqua satin.

(darlic) #7

Been using today have really enjoyed working with it, easy to apply,and quick and nice finish.

(Andrew Blackburn) #8

I’ve just painted some primed (cover stain & 123 +) pine skirting with Perma white semi gloss, Dulux qd satin and Crown fast flow gloss ready for the tape test tomorrow. My guess is the perma should hold on the most because it’s self priming(like darlic said) Have you got any further with the johstones qd satin ?

(darlic) #9

Crown fast flow whats your oppion any good.

(Andrew Blackburn) #10

This is the first time I’ve opened a can of Crown fast flow gloss. So far…still tacky and leaves fingerprints after 2 days! the other paints have a firmish and smooth feel to them.
Torus profiles were all painted Friday afternoon. I taped the top and the bottom edges with 1inch standard white tape from screwfix Saturday morning before I went to work.
I pulled the tapes off firmly this morning and the only one that peeled slightly was dulux quickdry satinwood, along the bottom edge of profile. All of them had tape marks where the paint wasn’t fully dry when I applied the tape. PW had the least marks.
This is the first time I’ve done any adhesion testing, how would you go about it ?

(Andrew Blackburn) #11

Update…fastflow dry this morning. Decided to put on a 2nd coat with the skirting stood up right(1st coat wood was flat) applying the same amount of paint as the 1st time and I had runs all over it! Lol not as easy as I thought, playing around with bits of wood.
Perhaps the first coat took as long as it did to dry because of the thickness of paint!
I went and got some more torus ready for another go later on this week.
Every day’s a school day :sweat_smile:

(darlic) #12

Didn’t think a lot of fast flow,alterior gloss better if I have spelled it right.

(Andrew Blackburn) #13

In what way is it better mate ?

(darlic) #14

It covers better nice to work with on brush

(Andrew Blackburn) #15

Had a go with some fastflow the other day on 3 panelled doors, architraves and a bit of skirting in a small kitchen. I used a 4inch fossa medium micro sleeve and a corona archer 2 inch brush. I found it tricky to get a even cover using a roller and this showed up about 1/2 hour later. Had a few runs that I delt with a wet finger. Should of had a second coat but I didn’t have time went with a coat of 123+ on first without any sanding, just krud kutter and one top. Did you find fast flow doesn’t seem to go hard ?
Not to my usuall standard but a good first attempt, customer was happy. Looking forward to thrying some others out soon!

(darlic) #16

i am going to do some of my own testing on weekend with a coin and tape,i will try the permawhite,
crown fast flow,and dulux quickdry,and will let you no.

(Andy Crichton) #17

My understanding is that scratch tests to demonstrate the long term durability of a paint should be done once the paint has cured. At least 28 days for most acrylic paints under normal drying conditions. Check the data sheets for each product. I believe shellac based Zinsser BIN is cured after 3 days.