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General decorating

Period-Heritage Decorating period property (pre 1920) has its own challenges, as does heritage work. This is the place to discuss any interior or exterior decorating projects falling under this category. Spraying Discuss HVLP, airless, Air Assisted Airless... where you use them, with what and why. Exteriors The same as interior painting but different challenges, different thinking required. From preparation of woodwork, metalwork and render, through to finishing coats. Wall-papering Preparing surfaces, cross-lining, and hanging all types of wallcovering from vinyls to hand prints and Lincrusta. Specific reviews of tools should be posted under Tools! Painting Discuss every which way for painting walls, ceilings and woodwork. Preparing all and any surface; priming, sealing, undercoats, topcoats using brushes, rollers, pads, spray kit.
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