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12" & 9" roller sleeves

Hi i which is the best brand of roller sleeve Hamilton,Purdy OR Wooster?

Best 9 and 12" and mini sleeve for:

contract emulsion,vinyl matt,diamond matt on bare plaster? avalon etc?

Best 9 and 12" and mini sleeve for:

masonry,pebble dash ?

Best 9 and 12" and mini sleeve for:

oil based undercoat,gloss on woodwork?

Best 9 and 12" and mini sleeve for:

water based undercoat,gloss on woodwork?

which is the best 12" roller frame on the market is it the wooster lttle ben,purdy premium adjustble frame or any other recomendations please for all of the above thanks. :slight_smile:

Hi Chris, from your question about 9’ 12" and mini sleeve, the world of roller sleeves is a non standardised product line to be honest, so it is hard to give a definitive answer.

If you are looking for a roller system, Wooster really have the best options if you want to develop a system ie all Wooster covers come in mini sleeve sizes for a pro finish right up to the edge, and they all come in 9" and 18" as minimum size range

For me, I would say that the 3/8" Wooster Pro Dooz is pretty much the stock in trade sleeve for new plaster and finish work on smooth surfaces. It comes in 9" 12" and 14" and 18" With some texture to deal with or a lot of contract new plaster emulsioning the 1/2" pile on a 9" 14" or 18" frame will get a lot done.

On exterior, you might want to go for 9" and 18" with a mini roller sleeve.

I would tend to forget a 12" sleeve, Wooster have all but discontinued them. You can do better!

And I wouldn’t know what to recommend for a 12" glosser!.

On to Purdy. Personally, I havent gone to Purdy for sleeves, not because they arent any good per se, but they don’t have a system in place. Lets hear what others have to say.

This is the Purdy range though, gives you an idea of what they do

Fine finish Purdy Ultra Finish 9 and 9.5"
General work Purdy White dove 3", 4", 7", 9" 14", 18"
Flat + satin finishes Purdy Golden Eagle 3", 4", 7", 9", 18"
New plaster and exterior stucco Purdy Colossus 9", 18"
Stain for fencing, decking, flooring Purdy Roadrunner 9"
Pro Extra White Dove 1.75" core 9" only
Pro Extra Golden Eagle 1.75" core 9" only
Purdy Pro Extra Colossus 1.75" core 9" & 18"
Oil Purdy Lambskin 9"
Glosser Purdy Parrot 7" and 9"

Thanks for the help what are the wooster avalon and 50/50 used for?

have you used the wooster little ben or big ben roller frames?

50/50 are used to shedding and lots of coverage! Some good info on the US forum

Avalon, pass. I don’t believe Ive used one.

[quote]Quote from chris911 on August 19, 2013, 23:08
have you used the wooster little ben or big ben roller frames?[/quote]

Negatory there too. I took like a duck to water with the 14" Sherlock frame, get really tight into corners, not experienced the squeaks that some have, it is very nimble. But if I were to tackle outside masonry or long runs of commercial, sure a full on double arm would be the way to go.

I’m using Purdy’s White Dove covers a lot now since DDC started stocking them. The prices are very reasonable to.

The 3/8" is the one to go for on smooth walls as the 1/2" can leave stipple. I say this because you don’t get as much stipple with a 1/2" Wooster Pro-Dooz on the same surfaces.

The 4" White Dove covers are very good as well.

I’ve just bough a couple of Pro-Extra 3/8" to try but not used them yet. Good to see DDC are getting back to selling branded stock.

The Purdy Colossus is a good cover for getting paint on quickly. It’s great for ceilngs but can leave roller marks on flat walls. It’s great for textured papers.

The Wooster Pro-Dooz are good in both 3/8" and 1/2" nap. Little or no shedding.

Wooster’s Micro Plush is the best roller for me in acrylic trim paint. With the right product it will leave little or no stipple. I very rarely lay off with a brush when using this cover. They do work better when they are new.

Not a big user of oil based paint apart from Zinsser Cover Stain, but I find the best covers for this are Axus Lime Green and Johnstone’s Black Foam covers with the concave ends.

I use Wooster Sherlock Frames almost exclusively as I have the matching poles but I do like the new Purdy cages and will start using those in conjuntion with the Woosters. If you do get a squeaky Sherlock frame it will drive you, and your customers, crazy.

thanks for your input guys for the last 15 years have been using the hamilton orange stripe long pile and blue stripe medium pile mini, 9" and 12" all the time but thanks to this website i will try something different thanks