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150 year old farmhouse

Hope this is okay for a first post!
Recentley completed this little HSL :wink: major decorating work required and the hanging of Lincrusta dado wallcovering.

Some more photo’s.

And some more :wink:

Can you tell us about the job? What was the spec and what guided your choice of materials. What kit and brushes are you using? Sorry to make you work!

:smiley: Not at all , gives me something to do on a sat night while my girls watch tv… :x
Client originally wanted a finish paper under the dado which was more akin to a feature wall ( the one she chose). I politely enquired why and offered the option of lincrusta as this would suit the property more i felt, when she replied she wanted a period look , I showed her the webpage of Lincrusta , and she immediately said that was the look they wanted and had been looking for a while but did not know the name etc !! Brownie points for me :wink:
So all settled , ordered up and arrived next day!! Dulux heritage colours were used in vinyl matt finsh for walls and ceilings , and oil stainwood for trim ( the reason being I have never had any problems with the emulsions and the cloured satinwood, not to say with there other products …) railings finshed in international Matt black which has a lovely rich lustre and sets off the colour scheme brilliantly (imo!).
All going swimmingly well , until a large section of downstairs wall had bossed and fell off ! Time constraints meant that plaster was out of the question so I plasterboarded and taped and fill the offending section! Another joy was the top landing ceiling had a large waterstain which required a total strip of the vinyl emulsion and the distemper underneath which as we all know is an absolute joy , especially on a friday :x Zinsser gardz was the saviour of the day and sealed it perfectly. The time came to apply the lincrusta and i loved it ( first time worked with this, and the videos really helped, although the felt roller i bought especially fell to bits on the first length :o Microfibre 4" on short handle stepped in and worked really well :sunglasses: )Also the ( what i thought was the original dado rail) was hideously off in terms of measurement and levelling!! So had in affect to grow the panels off Lincrusta to accomadate this! Turned out ok in the end after much headscratching , tools used were Purdy adjustable cage 12" woven roller sleeve on a apurdy pole and various brushes from Picasso for water base to hamiltons for oil and a purdy 2"blue elite for oil as well flew through the doors with this. Must say absolute joy to take on a job of this scale as took a load of prepping but what a smile on my face when the customers returned home from holiday to an ecstatic smile on there faces , that for me is one of the best parts of the job , customer satisfaction :smiley:
Oh almost forgot ( how could I!!) Mirka ceros and extractor , best part of my kit , every decorator should have one !!
Many thanks Baz :slight_smile:

Thanks Baz, a lot to get through. As you say, the ends justifies the means, and you can’t beat the feedback of a happy client. See you using the Olfa sharks fin too, I like that knife a lot. Great utility tool too.

Great finish Baz, thanks for the pics - love the lincrusta paper

Thanks for the replies , olfa knifes are great aren’t they, and agree the Lincrusta turned out well!