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3 days and still wet!

Good Evening,
All woodwork nicely prep’d on HSL so first coat of Dulux Trade OB eggshell was applied on Friday.
Monday morning, would you believe, it’s still feels as though it’s not cured and the customer mentioned that it was still tacky on the Sunday morning.

In the past I’ve had Satin oil stay tacky over night, when particularly damp, but right now it’s very mild and even though the customer hasn’t yet put the heating on (it’s mid October) the house is comfortably warm.

What’s going on?..Really hacked-off, as I feel embarrassed I left wet paint in a family home all weekend.

Any advice…other than 'don’t use Dulux!'

Hi Peter, sadly not just Dulux, many other brands have the same problem.
When i use oil paints, which I still rate over WB for general decorating, I always add a little Liquid dryers to it, its a shame you have to but very few oil paints now dry over night.
Of course you could go down the WB road, that way the paint will be touch dry in under an hour.

Good luck

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Can only agree with Neil… it doesn’t help you now, but a drop of Driers is probably the route forward - the issue is this alters the chemical formulation of the paint, so can cause problems in itself.

General note; the paint will not gain it’s cured strength for a number of weeks, not in a few days, as you mention.

If you talk to the Dulux technical department, they will no doubt throw up the “even though the house is warm, the air is damp/moist due to the time of year.”

If you look to the Netherlands, it is apparently law that waterborne paints are only ever used on interiors - oils are kept four exterior… not a bad leaf to take…

None of this really helps you in your current situation… good luck with the rest of the Hall, Stairs and Landing!


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Any good brand off liquid dryer?

This is what I use… but, I’m sure that others will put forward other brands…

Good evening again…and thanks.
I had to use oil at the customers request, although after this, I suspect they’ll not ask for it again.

Curiously, the second coat dried sufficiently overnight…?..go figure.!

I shall get me some liquid driers for future use…should the need arise.

Appreciate the help

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Good news Peter!!! all the best!

The one I tend to use is Rustins, but Im sure they are all the same of very close. The second coat always drys quicker, was told why once, can’t for the life of remember why (must be my age) anyway good to hear all turned out good in the end.

Hey guys, the reason Dulux oil based paint doesn’t dry as quickly anymore is down to the removal of dryers from the paint. Dulux has to remove these dryers in order to comply with EU regulations for VOC levels in the paint. It seems like they have been doing their best to provide an oil based paint that doesn’t yellow to quickly and it will dry eventually. As some others have mentioned above, just add a small amount of dryers to your oil based finish and that should speed things up for you. Oisin

This is one of the many reasons why I started using Tikkurila 10 years ago.

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