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A big exterior for me!

Hello everybody.
I have been asked to quote on an exterior job and have a few questions I would like to ask.
It is rendered and already painted but hasn’t been touched for years and has lots of cracks and flaky paint so I wanted to ask the best way to proceed. It is a first for me so advice on anything from prep to finish would be useful!
There is also:

  • A cast iron waste pipe to do which is in a bad way.
  • An oak effect upvc door to be painted black.
  • And the issue of access - fascias need replacing at the back of the house and there is a flat roof across most of the back. But I work on my own and didn’t fancy working off a ladder.
    This job would mean upping my game and it’s new territory for me!
    Many thanks,

<img src="/uploads/db3391/original/1X/cea00080068815ba58528d132efdd1e7423f109f.jpg" width=“375” height=“500”>

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Touprelith F for filling the render if it’s basically sound, but looking at the photo it’s crazing so badly it could be blown. A tap with your knuckle will give you the answer. Weathershield smooth for the finish The downpipe should be fine with some tlc as long as the rust is surface only, kill the rust with Kurust, then finish with metalshield For the front door I’d go adhesion primer then a coat of Sikkens primer plus (it’s a great undercoat) then two coats of Sikkens XD gloss.

Left out access, Scaffold all the way, it’s safer and you’ll work more efficiently.

Thanks for that Mark. The customer threw me when she said that next door was done off a ladder - I just started thinking ladders!
Dur! So what do I about the cracks that leave scars but haven’t broken through? Can you flatten them by sanding or something? And how invisible would you expect the repairs to be after painting?