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A great forum "upgrade"

I know it’s not quite general decorating but I just wanted to say I have been looking forward to the new look forum and have to say I’m not disappointed.

It is very slick, very professional and a lot of fun clicking buttons etc.

Well done to all involved!!


Appreciate your feedback, Fearghas.

One of the truly great aspects of the new forum is the ability to keep it organised, so readers and contributors can find exactly what they want where they might expect it!

So in this case, I swoop in, ready to administer unto… only to realise we don’t have a forum feedback or suggestions box - yet! So I have just created one and placed your observations in a new, more appropriate spot:)

Now you will receive an email alert of my reply to your initial post, and if you want, you can email a reply back, and it will appear under my reply, without you having to even come here, or sign in here.

If that doesn’t happen, please tell me !!!

great forum my favorite site looking forward to when the classes start.