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A small patch where Crown gloss has not dried

Continuing the discussion from How to deal with grinning paint on woodwork (misses):

Now second problem, I painted my hall 4 months ago used bulls eye 123, then crown trade not retail, not bad stuff, but feelings is my preferred choice. I noticed a very small area smaller than a penny coin, still sticky as if the paint broke down in that area.

There’s no pipes there, a new felt roof so its not a leak any ideas. It was winter the rest is fine. I inspected, but can’t think what it is.

The sticky patch sounds like some sort of contamination. If you leave Bullseye to cure for a few days it should seal in any problem surface issues ready for safe overpainting (in theory and in practice if you are lucky) But if you apply water based paint over a waterbased stain blocker before it has cured, you will soften the stain blocker and activate the stain, which can work its way through. Don’t know if that explains your problem, but that is a common issue when painters say a stain blocker product like Bullseye doesn’t work.

I’m in the camp that thinks 123 is a good choice for high adhesion on glass or ceramic, I would look elsewhere for reliable stain blocking

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What’s the best all-round stainblocker you would recommend.

What do you plan on using it on, or is this just a general question?

Anything from walls to woodwork cheers

I really like bullseye 123, but BIN is great for woodwork, as it can be used as an aliminum wood primer too, along with it’s excellent stain blocking powers. It’s personal preference and what each unique project entails.

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