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About TP discussions - Please read

This discussion board is full of up to date and reliable information on hand painting kitchens, furniture painting and general decorating.

Homeowners, keen DIY and trade are invited to browse all the content & ask questions.

Traditional Painters, whose expert articles provide the core content on the website, are on hand to help. Manufacturers and expert contributors are also around to offer advice and suggestions.

However basic you think your question might be, or however complex, rest assured, someone else is glad you asked it, and knowledgeable contributors will pay attention to it!

Discussion board - not just a fancy name for forum!

This part of the Traditional Painter site as more than a forum now. Blog comments, FAQ, customer support questions AND educational forum chat all appear here now. All topics and articles on the TP site will be inter-linked where appropriate, making it very easy to search from here and and find what you want across the whole site. And vice versa from the website.

From the blog to the forum to a private question, it all happens here. Hence the tag, discussion board.

It is a spanky new look, but the ethos at Traditional Painter is unchanged

1 - Please continue to use the discussion board as a conventional forum.

It is free to sign up (top right) and chat about all things decorating.

2 - You can still leave a blog comment on the Traditional Painter website without signing up or registering.

Your comment will still be checked by a moderator before being published underneath the blog, and even better, now it will be placed in a relevant topic on the discussion board too, for more eyes and minds to see and think on.

For your added convenience, we have done away with the standard “Please send me a notification of any new comments in this thread”. If you have taken the trouble to leave a comment, it is fairly certain you will be interested in a follow up answer? So you can expect to receive replies to your blog comments by email, no need to hover over the TP site. Neither your email address nor identity will ever be published.

3 - You are still welcome to ask a “How To” questions via a contact form on Traditional Painter without having to sign in or sign up!

Your question will be answered promptly via email. If it is of value to our readers, it will be placed in a relevant topic on this discussion board. Your email address or identity will never be published.

4 - Additional bonus is the Email only option

For super convenience, registered users can choose to receive answers, send all questions and comments and images via email, chat… and even start a topic by email - without ever logging in to this discussion board.

Etiquette Guidelines - not rules

Here are some simple [guidelines for commenting, discussing and asking questions.][1] (Basically be constructive, be nice, and remember that what goes online stays online.)

This is a basic user guide to help you jump in. (A link to the full run down of user features are included with a welcome email, if you register.)

Thanks for calling by, and we look forward to helping you out. Any ideas on improving the user experience, please add a reply below.

kind regards

Andy and everyone at Traditional Painter