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Abranet clogs light sanding Eico walls...any way avoid?

Hi again,

Very happy user of Festool sander and Abranet disks but having had to sand a few small areas of painted walls, I’ve noticed that the disk doesn’t so much block but develops hundreds of small paint mountains across the disk.

Of course the disk then stops sanding as such and just skates around.

I can knock some of those off with a continental filler knife but is of limited effect.

Disks I’m using for that work are 320 … wandering if might be better off using a 240?

Or is there a better disk to use that plays well better with paint such as Eico Alterior without developing these high spots?

Love Abranet in the main for wood, plaster, metal etc but on paint…I’m not getting best results I feel.

Some education would be great on this one … doing something wrong :slight_smile:

Hi amateurhour64

I am having the same problem with the festool sander and 120/180 pads. just regarded it as a blooming nuisance and put it down to the existing paint on the wall. Interesting that you are experiencing this problem with Abranet pads. Trouble is you get through a lot of pads.

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Exactly as you say Richard, it would not matter if they were cheapo’s … have to say I love the quality of the abranet disks on wood, plaster, and they last the distance. Even when they are worn and damaged they are still good for hand sanding … not sure I ever throw any away :slight_smile:

But they definitely die early when light sanding paint. In fairness I was using finer grade disks but your experience sort of heads of what I was hoping i.e that a harsher grade disk might of been more forgiving.

Anyone aware of a abrasive designed specifically for flatting paint? Cheers

Your mileage may vary, but 180 grade is a sweet spot on emulsion. It tends to sand quicker and finer than coarser grades and is more aggressive than finer grades.

Another option on really rough paintwork is to skim it and buff sand it.


Hi Andy … 180 it is, will give a try.

For me, the only time I’m doing the sand on paint is after Prestonett skim and sand but when I’ve botched a bit.

Fortunately this is getting less and less but still can’t claim be 100% :slight_smile:

You’d be better off using one of Festool’s own products such as Granat rather than Abranet.


I’ve seen that mentioned somewhere mark but never tried it … worth ordering a box to try for sure.

Thanks for the suggestion Mark. Let you know how I get on.

BTW your Henry kit still going strong! :slight_smile:

Abranet is tough on the hook and loop pads, they wear much quicker than with Granat

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Reckon a pack of 180 Granats is on the ‘but now’ today … where might be the cheapest place to buy them Mark?

Thanks, or are usually pretty good.

That’s good to hear :slight_smile:

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Boy they not cheap but a box on it’s way … thanks for the steer Mark