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Add TP forum link on your mobile home screen

In case you didn’t know, here are the simple steps to put a link straight to the Traditional Painter forum on your phone’s home screen.

  • First one is for Android - Firefox users
  • Second one is for Android - Chrome users.
  • Third one is for adding bookmark to home screen on iOS devices.

1 - Firefox on Android phone -

a - Click on the shortcut menu top right of your screen.

b - On this drop down list, click on "Page"

c - Click on Add Page Shortcut

That’s it. If you go to your home screen, there is an icon linking straight to the Traditional Painter forum. Move it around, delete it, as you wish

2 Chrome on Android phone

3 Add shortcut to home screen on iPhone or iPad

Tps a great resource,just a shame there was no videos?