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Add your entry for September DIY Decorator of the Month

If you have a project to show for the competition, please REPLY and upload your before and after pictures, using the arrow icon in the format bar

The more explanation you can also add, the better.

Last entry for this month is Sep 30th, then we start again in October, and every month till July 2015 we will present a Decorator Kit Box worth over £100 to the best project.

Good luck

Please note this is not for professionals, but for DIY enthusiasts who try and implement the techniques and use the sort of pro products that we highlight on the site. So you are not going to win if you decorate for a living or use a one coat wonder from Homebase!

Mandie M sent in this really neat table. In her words

Table was cleaned and painted with a decent primer to prevent the colour bleeding through, then given several coats of Annie Sloan Old White paint.

Then I found a graphic I liked and resized it onto 6 sheets of paper, using the old fashioned transfer method to give me an outline that I filled in with acrylic paint.

The table was then given several coats of Annie Sloan clear wax and sanded to age the letters and reveal some of the wood on the corners. Finally to age it a bit further I added a little dark oak wax in places.



Hi, I’m a homeowner/DIYer, currently on maternity leave after having a baby girl four months ago. We urgently needed a chest of drawers to go in our newly redecorated spare room, which will become the baby’s room in time, to house all of her clothes and other related items. We already have a wardrobe and bedside tables which are solidly constructed but a bit worn so I decided to paint them all to match rather than buy new furniture. I had planned to do this before the baby arrived but…! The walls in the room are a pale green and I decided I wanted a pale grey for the furniture.

I bought this pine chest of drawers on ebay for £10. It’s not the best but the drawer bottoms and back of the chest are tongue and groove so it is sturdy.

I’d only ever painted walls and a bit of skirting board/architrave, but not that well, so I was really glad to find the tutorial on this website. The chest had previously been painted with some sort of latex paint, first cobalt blue, then white. I stripped the paint of by hand (a lot of it peeled right off), and filled in the v-shaped grooves at the top and bottom of each drawer. I got my partner to rout the top of the chest to give a square edge to match other furniture in the room . After reading some of the articles and watching a video of how to roll on/lay off paint on the TP website I purchased some Axus lime green velvet flock roller sleeves and a set of 3 Fox brushes. I followed the ‘acrylic eggshell on bare pine’ method outlined, using Zinsser Coverstain for the primer and Albany Acrylic Eggshell for the top coat (I bought the paint before reading up on how to paint furniture - total rookie I know - otherwise I might have gone for a different brand top coat but it worked out ok). I bought some new drawer pulls and this is the result is below this post (the form says new users can only post one pic per post).

Overall I’m pretty pleased with the results. There were three things I struggled with and would appreciate if anyone has any advice:

  1. I found the coverstain worked really well to cover over the grain, knots etc. It was fairly easy to work with on the drawers, but over the larger areas of the top and sides of the frame I found it a lot harder, I think I was trying to cover too much area in one go and it was difficult to lay off well - in some places the brush ‘pulled’ the primer, and I had to sand it a lot in between coats.

  2. The top coats went on well but, as it says in the article, it is really difficult to avoid brush marks, especially for a first timer! I guess this just requires lots and lots of practice.

  3. I found the small areas, like the rails between drawers, really difficult to do without paint ‘rolling over’ onto the adjacent surface either on the inside of the drawers (not such a problem) or out onto the front face of the frame (much bigger problem). I tried different approaches using a roller or a fitch brush, doing it all in one go and taping areas off. I couldn’t say one was better than the other!

To any other DIYers I would say do go for the professional materials - after reading the articles on the website I looked up the various products recommended expecting them to be super expensive but they aren’t and you can really see the difference in the outcome - I wish I’d known about these before painting the skirting in my house!

Thanks very much for providing such a great resource for DIYers! Now I just need to get on and do the other pieces! All the best, Amanda

Result photo:

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And the winner is…?

Check out the newsletter on Sunday. (We pronounced Mandie the winner and Amanda as runner-up, for really interesting information.)