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Aditional services for decorators

Got asked by a customer could we do something with her tile floor I suggested polytol to put some life back into the tiles, could this be another additional service we could offer. This year we started to offer upvc restoring you can see my post on forum since we have landed some really nice jobs, we are going to look at garden furniture in fact anything plastic.

Hi Jason, are you using Fluxaf to restore UPVC?

Hi mark yes fluxaf is a excellent product, and yes we use it on upvc,for difficult marks, I use sif cream cleaner this works really well,if cleaning upvc gutters I use extension brush with a drop of flash in bucket, that works well as well, for bleached upvc or fibreglass doors we use polytroll for coloured,and cutting paste for white,theres a lot off work out thereif you need any further advice just ask please look at my post on upvc as well.cheer

For removing masonry paint from upvc I used cif on a damp cloth ,also you could use viniger,and a ear syringe bottle and dab it on the paint so you get more on there.