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Advice for best PBW High Gloss for kitchen cabinets

I’ve been asked to repaint an existing kitchen in High Gloss Pure Brilliant White - any recommendations for best product?

existing kitchen is F&B Lime white oil eggshell last painted 8 years ago
Client wants an all white kitchen - Flat Matt walls and Highest possible gloss finish on cabinets in Pure Brilliant White.

There is very little natural light in the kitchen but lots of downlighting etc so I am cautious about the post 2010 oil gloss turning off white within a few weeks!

Does anyone have recommendations please - I can use HVLP spray (Graco9.5) or trad roller/brush. I’ll paint sample boards for client prior to starting

many thanks
Dave d9 decor Bristol

have a look at Miranol and ask Paul at Holman paints what he would advise.