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Advice Needed - Painting First Kitchen

Hi everyone, new to posting on this site, but have used it a lot as a resource for general painting advice.

I am in the process of planning to paint my kitchen units; it is an old pine kitchen, with a stained pine worktop (which we leave as it is). Probably going to paint it a grey colour; maybe something like Manor House Grey. I’ve been doing plenty of research on how to approach it, but there are still some things I’m not sure of.

When I come to fill any holes (quite a few screw holes where different hinges and handles have been) can I just use any fine filler or is there one that people would recommend. Presumably I wouldn’t use a wood filler?

Also, I imagine their are different approaches to painting the doors, but would you advise against painting them while hung? If I take them off, should I leave edges until rehung (someone mentioned this before) - if so, that would be tricky as the flush hinges are attached to the edges.


Hi, the topic has been covered here for painting doors

If you have a rack, you place each door on a set of blocks on a spare table and paint the edges and front, then rack it up. When dry flip and paint the back.

In that above thread, I explain that you can paint the back edge and a couple of inches of the bottom edge, fit the hinges and paint the rest with the door in place. It is a bit more of struggle, need to be take care with hinges, but that bit of fiddle is offset by being able to paint both sides at one visit.

Racking is best for peace of mind! There have been instances on here of DIY buying an erecta rack for ease of use for painting their kitchen and then selling it. There is always demand for erecta racks at less than full price!

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Cheers Andy. I guess if I could hold of one second hand I would be interested but cant see any on ebay. Will have a read of the thread you sent the link to.

Thanks Andy. If I can get hold of one second hand I would be interested. Not sure what you mean by the back edge and a couple of inches of bottom edge…?

Any thoughts on filler?

The other thing that I could really do with some help with is which paint brushes to buy. In terms of the paint I will be applying, think I am going to go with Otex for the primer and Tikkurilra Empire Oil for topcoat.

I am going to use high density foam rollers (can anyone recommend some) for applying the primers and topcoat, but any thoughts on a good brush for laying these off? And also any recommendations for a sash brush for the corners etc?

In the past I’ve just use Harris Precision Tip brushes from B&Q, which have served me well for normal DIY decorating, but would like to buy something top quality for tackling the kitchen.

Any suggestions appreciated! Thanks.