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Advice on best Matt vanish

I’ve just finished hand painting our kitchen in LG oil best egg shell in a dark blue. I spent a long time prepping and painting!
I’d like to give it a top coat of Matt varnish for extra protection; what would you recommend?
Many thanks!!

I’m not sure that any Matt varnish would offer better protection than LG oil eggshell. LG oil is an incredibly hard wearing coating

Unless you are wanting to move from eggshell finish to Matt finish…?

LG oil egg is incredibly robust. Two coats of LG on top of well prepped and primed cabinets will take a lot of wear and tear. For really high traffic cabinets (dishwasher and those below a sink etc) maybe consider a third coat of LG just to build up the layers?


I agree with dave . Don’t really see what benefit the varnish would bring . An extra coat of eggshell would help . Once the the too top coats are fully dried