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Alan, commercial painter in Oregon

New member to the TP forum.

Our company, Sustainable Planet Painting is located in Portland, OR. USA.

We mostly work in the Commercial repaint area, but do enjoy the interior repaints for residential clients.

Found the forum by way of Twitter & the prolific posts from the Traditional Painter.

EDIT - We ask you to post your business link in your profile, thanks. If you hang around and contribute, the link goes live and anyone who wants to contact you, can do so via your avatar.

Welcome along Alan.
It will be really interesting to hear your views and attitudes about painting from across the pond as we are using more and more American paints and products that make our life so much easier!

Enjoy the forum


afternoon alan

welcome to the kitchen painters delight website. do you use the proform picasso brushes. i suppose you do.these brushes are the best i hv used in my 30 year uk we do produce simalar brushes …but nothing to the proform standard. i live in essex in a town called colchester,britains oldest recorded town…plenty of americans were station in and around essex and suffolk. especially a suffolk village called lavenham… look 4ward to hearing your thoughts on decorating. mick

Hi Alan, you are welcome to ask a question or post a case study or as you wish