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Alistair, keen DIY in NW

Hi my name is Alistair and I live in the North West.

I have always been keen on painting without any formal tuition, apart from my dad allowing me to paint the eves of our house 4 stories up for 25p an hour! along time along now and thankfully in the distant past. You would have thought this would have put me off.

But apart from general house decoration I have been limited. However I found your website and read intensely all the tips and advice and thought that I would like to give my kitchen doors and units a go.

I must admit the advice has been brilliant and I have learnt so much just trying the products and techniques. Still a long long way to go though.

If any one does tuition then I would be glad to take you up on that.

So after sourcing the best paint advised and buying decent brushes and kit, sanding kit(dustless, masking tape etc and the electra rack I started the mission of the kitchen.

My wife is delighted and so am I, and I am keen to start another project, not sure what yet. Heres a before and after photo.

I look forward to much more reading and study and tips from you all.

Many thanks


H Alistair, that is some introduction! You have got yourself kitted out better that most professional UK decorators and ended up with a new kitchen!

Im intrigued / amazed, what did you think of the Erecta Rack, I just would not have thought a non pro would get that involved, it is a godsend, but did you see other uses for it beyond your kitchen?.

Jason Walker has helped a DIY in Liverpool with her kitchen painting project and she is almost there now. When you come up with a project, contact us and we will see if we can work something out for onsite tuition.

A fantastic effort Alistair