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Alternative to zinsser Bullseye 123

Hi, I’ve just started painting a bed frame for myself ( full wardrobe and drawers to do yet)and have tried zinsser 123 water based primer for the first time, after reading reviews and tips on this forum.
I’m finding that after painting for approx 20mins the paint brush starts to stiffen up and the paint doesn’t seem to flow off the bristles smoothly. Its like the paint has started to dry on the brush, yet I’ve not stopped painting.
I’ve used a Purdy Monarch Elite and a cheap synthetic brush and they both reacted the same to the primer.
Am I using this product wrong? Is this a normal issue with this primer? Are you suppose to clean your brushes every 10 mins and start again with a clean brush. Any advice would be appreciated

Wet and flick out excess water before starting.

Also, don’t be too hasty to start painting, ie start as Puma has said and then further prime the bristles by really working the paint into the bristles.

You also might be working in an environment that dries out waterbased paint quickly? Very hot, or draughty.

The Clean and Go was designed for Dutch painting contractors and it is getting good feedback, if you persevere. The idea is to keep cleaning the brush periodically, but only takes a very short time, and suspended it will keep in good condition during breaks. Matt Evans explained it

Always wet the bristles before starting but spin out the excess water.

To be honest Zinsser 123 will start drying on the bristles for anyone if you don’t keep it loaded with paint. Keep dipping it in and scraping off the excess if it starts to dry up. I don’t find 123 the easiest primer to work with to be honest.

I kind of hate Zinsser 123!

Sikkens Bl primer undercoat - not advertised as a high adhesion primer actually is - all round a better bet.

I apply this on walls with green axus rollers,its good stuff zinerer has a solution for everything,maybe move a bit faster,not being funny.

123 is the only Zinsser I don’t use.

Mylands acrylic primer for great adhesion and level finish

I agree, the Mylands Primer is a superb product. It also sprays through a hvlp very well, which is unusual for a hybrid.