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Anti Bacterial Paints. Worthwhile? Options? Decent Finish?

Again spending far too many hours applying Gras de Laquer in the rather pleasant Shropshire sun today, I found myself mentally planning a mild kitchen refresh for later year and was thinking about anti bacterial paints.

I think I read that Eico do such a product but I’m wandering if the addition of whatever components needed impact the cosmetic finish at all?

Also wandering if it’s worthwhile and available in decent product ranges e.g Eico or Tikkurilla etc.

I guess this has been sub consciously prompted by events this year and options that can be taken without huge effort. Anyone have any experiences or pointers when considering this?


The additives I have seen come in nanotech quantities, and according to their tech people, would have no impact on the finish apart from adding the quality the nano particles bestow on it. A lot of money too, minimum order is about €800 for 5 grams!

Thre is a company called Riolett who offer antibacterial paint spraying services, but I don;t know about the finishes on offer.

You might want to look into copper kitchen door handles, anti microbial and all that!

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Cheers Andy, interesting stuff.

We are not greatly worried by such stuff here at AH64 Towers but also take the view that, ‘if it can be done with no extra work’ then why not? Even if it has a limited impact, it’s some impact.

We purchased a UVC sterilizing light which works incredibly well, is modest cost and it strikes me that any room we can revisit at the right time and ‘add a layer’ but without impacting the cosmetic product then it’s a way to go.

And in fact, that casual thinking has a practical impact for another relative who does suffer from quite serious repetitive infections that hospitalise her regularly, that after a little reading, does indeed seem benefit from use of these products, makes it more interesting again


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