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Any recomendation for interior step paint

Got a interior wooden step to paint any idears on best paint to use?cheers

try a Floor paint?

Agree with Dave - I think Bedec do a floor paint you could try but I’ve not used it so can’t recommend. Just don’t try any so called durable wood paints - they’re not durable when you walk on them everyday!

I’ve used Bedec Acrylic Floor Paint twice now, and it’s great stuff for either wood or concrete. Bare surfaces will need a thinned first coat then two full on top. Recoats in four hours.

Just be aware that it’s not widely available in shops, at least not where I live, so a shop or online site will be ordering it in.

Just painted a lean-to utility concrete floor in their Tile Red after a landlord’s abortive attempt to use Homebase cheap adhesive vinyl tiles on an uneven floor…

My only mistake was ordering it from last Saturday, and paying £11.25 +VAT for 2-5 day delivery. Friday was the last day of the job, and they emailed me on Thursday to say they were expecting it in that day and would send “today or tomorrow first class”. Idiots…