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Any recomendations on decorating belts,and assories

Any recommendations on decorators belts,

Hi guys can anyone recommend a good decorating belt, the ones we have managed to buy not keen on, and important pieces to carry? At the moment ,we carry one tape, paint stirrer, can opener, paint magnet, one cloth, detail brush,a two pence coin to mark where imperfections are on walls,am I missing anything?cheers

Can’t help with that mate - I hate carrying stuff about like that. I tend to plan my work so everything is within easy reach but not attached to me. A cloth is about the only thing tucked in my waist band.

agreed - have tools to hand but carrying stuff around would get me cluttered up and probably slow me down!
The only exception is i tend to always have my Olfa knife in my pocket as its something that has multiple uses throughout the day

keep it simple!!


I agree with the minimalist approach and an Olfa knife and rag.

In principle, I would try go through a task till completed, then do another task, each time only armed with the tools you need. Filling requires a filling knife and tub of filler; caulking could be as little as a caulking gun, or include a finishing tool, bucket of water and a sponge; trying to take everything for everything just in case, seems a hard road to go down.

Up extension ladders might be a different story.

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you could try wearing bib & brace overalls with and use the pouch its what they were invented for also looks like your a pro… wear your whites with pride

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Agree with Steve, if you want stuff to hand then a bib and brace might be your best bet.

If you wanted to go trousers with lots of pockets, I could recommend the Axus pair (first recommended on here by Andy I think). Very sturdy indeed, and a great buy, but also quite thick material so you’ll get warm in the sun.

Anyone know if it’s possible to get decorator’s shorts, or do I have to take my amaaazing new Axus wallpaper scissors to my trousers??

engelbert strauss for shorts…
Alexandra Workwear used to do white cargos - lightweight, and a good price at around £14 but discontinued due to 'lack of demand’
shame as they were the only place my female colleagues could get womens cut.

An option you may not have considered for workwear, the Blaklader kilt.

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I’m saying nothing :wink: