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Any reviews on rustins strypit paint & varnish remover

Has anybody used rustins strypit paint remover.its been highly recommend by brewers

Fluxaf is pretty good ,read up on it.cheers

Hi Chris, I haven’t used this product, but have used FLUXAF paint stripper, now this product is fantastic, it can be purchased from, it comes as green thixotropic gel which you simply apply to paint wait 30 minutes or so then remove, wash down surface with warm water reapply if necessary, if not let surface dry then your good to go.
If you need any more info check out my blog on restoring oak windows.


Hi, After my 5litre container of ‘pre-EU dichloromethane ban’ Nitromors finally ran out, I asked around the local Indy decorator stores for something comparable. Was told Strypit was the best of a bad lot of the new safe paint strippers.

Tried it and wouldn’t use it again. Too expensive for the poor results. Needed many more applications to get anything off.
A side by side comparison of B&Qs own brand paint stripper showed the B&Q one was marginally better for a lot less money. Just need to keep applying fresh stuff, leave for a while but don’t let it dry out, scrub with wire wool and repeat.

If you’re only removing a few layers of paint then you might be ok, I had 150 years worth of paint on a staircase to contend. Worst bits took about 7 applications to get down to perfectly clean bare wood.
Will try Fluxaf next time, although that staircase put me off paint stripping for life!