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Any thoughts on LG Intelligent Exterior Eggshell?


I am in the process of painting the woodwork on the garage - new timber bargeboards and existing T&G cladding on the gables, previously painted in dark brown gloss. As I wanted to get a coat on the new timber asap in changeable weather I went for Zinsser Bullseye in grey. I sanded everything, taking the sharp edges off the new boards, gave the old cladding a good scrape back and sand, hot air stripped the knots then treated with knotting solution - the Zinsser primer has done a great job in covering everything and raindrops just roll off the surface nicely. I have got used to using acrylic paints and, rather than going the traditional oil undercoat and topcoat route, wondered if the Little Greene Intelligent Exterior Eggshell would be a good choice?

I would appreciate hearing any experiences of using this paint in terms of its durability etc.

Thank you!

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Hi Christina

that’s good information, by the book. I’m not familiar with the exterior eggshell, I’m sure someone will have first hand experience to share.

In general Little Greene products work very well, including the interior eggshell. I would expect the exterior eggshell it applies the same as the interior eggshell but exterior acrylic paints tend to be formulated differently, to dry with a more flexible film than interior paint and have some additives against fungal growth.

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Thank you Andy,.

It’s interesting to learn that the exterior paints are designed with flexibility in mind. The garage gets sun for part of the day and the old boards were so rotten that the next strong wind would have dislodged them. I think I will give the LG paint a go - heck, it’s only an old garage, not a listed building, and the worst that could happen is that we will need new timber in a few years time if I’m too lazy too re-paint when necessary!

Should I apply a second coat of the primer, though (only had time for one in the weather conditions)? The LG paint is described as self-priming (can be applied to bare wood apparently).

I would apply 3 coats of the eggshell if the primer is solid and no sign of leaching knots.

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I would too, acrylics/hybrids for exteriors are coming on leaps and bounds but they still have some catching up to do on opacity.

Thank you, three top coats it is. Hey ho, the weather is supposed to stay fine this week.