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Anyone used Armstead Gloss?

I have some exterior window frames and doors to repaint and thinking of using Armstead Gloss.
Has anyone used it before? If so what are your thoughts?
The woodwork I’m repainting is currently cream and I’ll be changing it to white. the current finish is good (no flaking etc) and wood in good condition, so I’m hoping after clean down, sand to give a key I’ll be ok for 2 coats.
As it is a shop front I’m also thinking of using the Quick dry gloss, hopefully an advantage at this time of year.

Is client speccing gloss only - if they’d be happy with Satin finish try Zinsser AllCoat exterior - I’ve used it on all our sash window refurb projects this summer - just a one hour recoat time!

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If its the same colour you’ll be good with your prep and a coat of undercoat and a coat of gloss, a second coat will give you a shinier longer lasting finish. I personally haven’t used the QD gloss, just be sure to follow the spec on the data sheet and you’ll be good to go.

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Sadly client wants gloss finish.
Going from cream to white so I’m thinking of sticking to what I know, after prep, undercoat and then 2 coats of gloss.
Was just thinking of using the quick drying gloss to aid in the drying times as the weather isn’t going to help much now.