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Anyone Used Osmo Wood Putty for Floors ... or similar?

One large lounge floor hand scrapped (twice!) and sanded & Osmo Raw treated…fantastic result if a new set of knees and lower back needed.

Anyway in true decorating tradition, I forgot how painful it was and we are now halfway through doing a lengthy hall floor in same wood and finish. However being a hall the war damage is a little worse … especially where the planks meet.

I think it needs a little filling but don’t want to use a coloured filler … a clear (almost epoxy resin) type product would be ideal I’d think. As mentioned, the final finish will be Osmo Raw.

I saw this on the Osmo web site but have no experience and wandered if any of you have used…or anything similar?

If I read correctly, it’s clear and is designed to fill small gaps / cracks. I’ve dropped the product link in here as well.

Now that said, the tech sheet says ‘not for joints in sprung or plankwood flooring’. Our floor is on old 1920’s floor boards (solid ones) and then joists which I think means sprung. And it is very thick engineered Oak…think 6 or 8mm top veneer. So maybe it’s not the one. But the floor is rock solid and been in position for a good 25 years and took all sorts of abuse.

Would be great to hear if you have used this or if there is something else out there that I should be looking towards. Many thanks in advance

The last job i done was parquet flooring mixed the sawdust with glue worked really well ,hope that helps my friend.

Thanks for the suggestion Jason. What glue did you use out of interest? Will have plenty of sawdust once I’ve Rotex’ed the floor! :slight_smile:

your asking a question i think pva,