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Anything Better than Spachtel?

Hi there, just been converted to a better way of decorating using Kodrin Spachtel & very happy with that.

About to move the project on & before buying more product just wanted to check opinions on the filler side. As I say the Spachtel product has entirely changed the quality of my work but after reading the site I see many alternatives.

Just interested to know pros & cons of alternatives before continuing. E.g cost, ease of application, ease of sanding, finish, longevity, self life etc.

Or are they much of a muchness at this level.

Also, just to check…I bought two batches of the Spachtel product. One arrived and was perfect and entirely consistent in nature. The second bought local and had a partial crust around the can edge…bit like a hard Brie cheese which left a good percentage of it unusable to my mind. Bit stupid question but I’m guessing it should not come with a crust ordinarily?