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Applying Spactel (or any filler) to curved profile...must be a better way?

Evening all, on my fourth can of Spachtel in 15 days…memo to self…“buy a new house next time!”

I’ve been doing all the old internal wood work. Is going well but struggling to apply efficiently on radius on the stair woodwork…here’s a couple of pictures to show what I mean…

Any tips or ideas how to apply without going round the bend would be greatly appreciated…external radius’s in general are no problem but as it’s against the wall line it’s tough going.

By the way, anyone buying Kodrin Spachtel on a regular basis should take a look on ebay at the moment…is a seller advertising for £20 a tin but accepting offers of £17.00…and it’s nice fresh stuff as well. I’ve has a few. Many thanks

Hi you could use tx110 and apply by brush?or use a supermarket card.hope that helps,go well.

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Hi Jason, ahh I didn’t know it could be brushed on but yes why not.

First thing in the morning I’m going to give that a crack. Many thanks for the steer on that, sounds promising…will let you know how I get on. Cheers

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I wander if the spachtel was thinned with linseed if this could be brushed over in the manner? Anyone done that with any success?

Hi we brush touprett tx110 filler on door moulding exta a big time saver,doing what you doing toupret would work well,dose the filler sand easy when dry?I only use tx110,and touprett wood filler ready mixed and sands like a dream.both fillers are superb,not to much weight on tool kit.

Yeah is a good steer Jason, definitely going to try that shortly. Was expecting to have tried earlier but forgot had a daughter to collect from the airport!!! Will report back.

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