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Aqua tack cloths

very nice indeed

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We use axus tack cloths but will give theses a try .cheers

[quote=“darlic, post:2, topic:1663”]

[/quote]these ones are for water based paint and contain no resin

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I just started using the Starchem tack cloths, having not used any previously. Got 50 for about £15 on eBay. They did an excellent job.

Had mixed reports on tack cloths from Starchem who btw are a great source of “stuff”. The standard tack rags seem excellent ie as good as Liberon type cloths but for not a lot of money. The Aqua cloths are popular in the auto industry where water based finish coatings are big.

At the first sanding stage when kitchen cabinet painting, they cleaned dust off OK, but didn’t seem to have much life in them. (When refurbishing, solvent primers are used so often, a potential tad of resin from a conventional tack cloth doesn’t seem to be an issue.)

I think the Aqua are probably in their design element on final waterbased coats which have been lightly scuff sanded?

I remember talking to an old painter who used to work in banks, and they would erect a muslin tent around the serving desks before final coat varnishing, and crawl inside. Like a massive dry tack rag!


starchem do aqua tack cloths as wel, not as strong as the original but do a job.