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ArroWorthy Rembrandt

There are an awful lot of brushes on the online UK market now and it can be difficult to make a choice of what brush for what paint.

Just recently I’ve been using the ArroWorthy Rembrandt 2.5" angled from To look at it is very similar to the Proform Picasso except the bristles are yellow instead of orange.

Where the Rembrandt differs is the bristles are a little stiffer and this helps with the application of heavy bodied emulsions and acrylics.

I use this brush almost exclusively now for cutting in wall paints as it spreads paint well and cuts in superbly. I was using an extender to thin down the paint when cutting in with other brushes but I dont need to with this with the Rembrandt.

I’ve also recently used it in Zinsser Perma-White Exterior with good results to. This product can be hard to work with with other brushes as it is heavy and can dry a little to fast. But the Rembrandt performed very well with it.

The stiffer bristles can be harder to wash out than the Picasso but it’s a small price to pay for the way it applies paint

agreed, I’ve been using the 2.5 angled Rembrandt for the last three weeks and personally prefer it to the Picasso too and for same reasons as above. The 1" angled great for the really tight areas. Holds so much paint, superb cutting in.

What types / brands of emulsion are you guys using the Rembrandt in?

last three jobs for me have been 1 Dulux Flat Matt, 2 Fired Earth 3 Farrow and Ball

I use it mainly in Dulux Diamond Matt. But have also used with Mythic Flat and Johnstone’s CovaPlus Matt. Worked great in all three for me.