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Axus lime roller sleeve availability

Receiving enquiries about where to get the Axus lime sleeve eg Chester

This isn’t the only reference to availability I have had, so hope that Axus can give us a heads up of availability. They have added some availability info updating this article we did on the lime roller sleeve

thanks for the email. what 4in roller would you suggest for a perfect finish. what sort do you use andy.

To date the Wooster black convex foam roller has given me the smoothest finish in oil, but I would still tip it off with the brush. Russ is happy to say that the Axus lime sleeve is superior to that, but would still be looking at tipping it off a la Mark Nash with a sable quality brush.

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I spoke to Jay from Axus who tells me that Trade1st are starting to stock their gear so it may be worth emailing Trade1st to ask as it may help speed up the process…

Axus Lime are now available at: - fill ya boots, they are really good!

How good are these rollers for todays water based paints and the hybrids like Jonos aqua and do you still find you have to tip off, do they last and easy to clean ?

The lime sleeves are aimed at waterbased trim paint - Russ used them a lot on F&B estate eggshell hybrid. Tipped off. Adam in Ireland they are his favourite, in all sorts.

Jonnos Aqua no experience myself.

The suppliers have sold a lot and overall feedback is very positive. However you will see varying reports of fluff being left in paintwork from these sleeves (a few of our forum users weren’t too impressed) . Some of this shedding will be down to the sleeves not being given the sticky tape treatment and / or washed through prior to use, and some will be because of build quality being patchy. There will always be some negative fallout, excuse the pun, with the numbers of product out there.

With any sleeve that isn’t a foam one, I would advise loading the sleeve and rolling out on a piece of lining paper to see how it is performing, before jumping in and possibly contaminating your whole day’s work.

Cleaning mini roller sleeves, no easy answer, it depends on time required, any solvent needed, is it wearing after extended use, and weigh that against cost of sleeve.

Check out this video from Mark nash on his attitude to sleeves and brushes and trays.


Hi Andy cant find the Wooster convex foam rollers anywhere have you got a picture off them or supplier you could pass on.cheers