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Axus lime sleeves shedding in oil eggshell

Here’s my kit.

Brewers doing a good deal on Wooster Alpha 3 pack!
The Alpha lays off good with the Otex & Empire.

Disappointed with these Axus Lime rollers. The flock has come off all over my paint work.

The flock looked dubious from the pack, so after washing them through twice, drying and tack clothing down they seemed to not be shedding.

But to my horror this morning (after drying & inspecting finish) they have left behind alot of flock in my paint. So annoyed. I’m going to have to sand that back again now!!

Velvet Flock finish!

Really good to see you going the pro route, but flock in oil I don’t see that as a failsafe combo. I thought our message in General is that the flock sleeves in water borne finishes and tend towards the high density foam in oil.

I wrote a checklist on Facebook to avoid dust on work . One of the tricks is before painting is to do a trial on lining paper which will show the slightest spec of dust or fibre before you transfer that onto your prepped work.

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Hey, i have to say my experience with the Axus Lime is likewise, when i pulled them from the box and ran my hand over them fibres floated in the air, washed many times but still same results…shedding in waterbourne products such as Tikkurilla feelings and in F&B estate eggshell.
has anyone found a flock roller that wont shed?

I stopped using the Axus lime for same reasons - For acrylic eggs I now use Wooster microplush 4" laid off with wooster silver tip or the new Hamilton 4" for panels

Can I ask where you guys got your fluffy axus lime sleeves from that werent any good? How far back?
And did you ask for it to be sorted, ie ask the supplier for a resolution? In my experience, Axus do seem to acknowledge problems when they arise and try to work with those involved. Have you ever seen lime sleeves from other manufacturers or brand? cheers.

last bought from mypaintbrush prob around October. second box and just thought I’d got unlucky. However I bought wooster micro plush at P&D show and preferred them. Had another Axus quality issue with the green mask tape, Andy Cherry sorting it for me

It was around August or September from my paintbrush, I didnt follow it up just decided to not purchase any more. Do you think its worth saying then?
My friend just bought me the wooster with micro plush, will give it a try maybe this week.

If you have a duff roller sleeve that others are raving about, you have to send it back and ask for a resolution. That is fr your sake and for the suppliers sake and the manufacturer. If they don’t know it isn’t bust how can they fix it, how can they sort you out and make sure you get service and go back to them again.

Axus were great when i complained (shedding fibres) about the box i bought from MPB in Feb '18. They sent me a free box of HD foam sleeves and a complimentary 2" oval paint brush. They didn’t want the faulty product returned, which was probably a goodwill gesture. I was happy to return for the reasons Andy has described.

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