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Axus Pro Finish 9" Roller Medium

Just got one of the Axus Pro Finish 9" Roller Medium from my paintbrush to try, it feels like micro fiber but does not say it is. Has anyone tried these covers and can give a review ?


Not just anyone, Bruce - Mr Axus has sent me this.

[quote]We don’t have anything that says they’re micro fibre, albeit i know they are.

We have had mixed reviews on them, I can honestly say that most are very positive in that the finish they give is second to none, the one comment that does come up is they have a certain amount of fluff from new, but like all roller sleeves once they have been washed out they are fine…

I’ve attached a roller guide if you choose to use it, this shows all our sleeves and the make up of them, [/quote]

There is a roller guide for the full range, but I will need to edit it somehow as it so big.

Hope that helps you on your way.

Thanks Andy I will be trying it out soon :slight_smile:

Used this sleeve first time today, gave it a good wash out first and found it did not shed afterwards. It held allot of paint and left a nice smooth finish will be buying some more

Just to note as the material on this sleeve is dense and holds a ton of paint I had a hard time pushing a roller cleaner down it! I may try the short nap version as it would be for flat walls mainly :wink: