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Afternoon all, posted about galvanised garage doors a good while back and got great advice as always which sorted that a treat.

More of the same ! :slight_smile: …another garage door this time for a daughter and this one has no break through, the finish is rock solid but of course over the years has faded and matted.

I’ve bought Sikkens XD to do the metal door and a Sikkens Rubbol Primer Plus.

It’s a metal door and wooden frame and in good shape.

Just wandering if there is a rule of application given the size of it? I was thinking top left corner working across (it has fairly convenient structural lines across it which should help) but are there any obvious rules of thumb to make sure it’s a solid result?

Also I heard somewhere that XD has been dis-continued … is this the case? Have to say that’s been a good paint to me for external stuff to date.

If it is the case any suggestions for anything that applies in a similar manner or indeed one that achieves better results and is forgiving for an amateur to apply with pro results? Cheers

Also…probably a stupid question but I guess I can use a smooth gloss roller for the larger areas? And then brush the shaped parts?

Would that be an ok way to go? I had some nice successes using Tikula paint with a good roller and then laying off on radiator covers. Cheers

Hi Andrew, you answered your own questions :slight_smile:

Brush the fiddly bits first, roll and tip the open spaces.

Tikkurila Miranol is as good as any alternative to XD.

You are painting the town still?

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…if only it were Red! Hic :slight_smile: … mind it is Saturday so wine nite!

Yeah I was looking and thinking and remembered the advice you gave on rolling with the Tikkurila and that came out brilliantly…think with me it’s revisiting and remembering each time.

Will take a look at the Miranol Andy, interesting.

Yes trouble now is we have motivated daughters who want to hit the same results as we here have managed to start achieving thanks to advice off TP. As it goes they are really getting it … they are managing to skip the wasted 25 years of rubbish decorating I endured :slight_smile:

Brilliant will do exactly that … brush first then roller. Very cool. Never ceases to amaze me how once you have the core concept in mind, the job seems be a fraction as daunting.

Cheers Andy

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