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Badges, trust level, it is play school baloney

Continuing the discussion from Trust levels explained:

The badges on this page show an overview of the quality of all forum members’ posts and general involvement on the discussion board.

##Badges, trust… it’s play school baloney.

The stats don’t lie when it comes to real (not perceived) activity on a forum. Ordinarily though, most forums only track the obvious stuff.

Historically, the best info supposedly comes from the gurus. Forum big shots are generally deemed to be the ones who have posted the most. As most forums allow you to leave ROFL, LMAO and LOL and “Bumping post to get to 1000 posts” as a post, that sort of simplistic criteria is a bit misleading, especially where most readers (most of whom are not active members) yearn quality info.

On this discussion board, badges are a summary of key activities - number of posts, quality of posts, likes, flags for bad behaviour…as well as less obvious activity such as reading time, which is sort of a key element, seeing as the job of a forum is to encourage research and prompt questioning minds!

Your Trust Level and the trust level of each individual user is based on the “badges” that have been awarded during the course of your time on the forum.

The higher the Trust Level, the more additional functions users can be relied on to handle responsibly - mainly more involvement in the running of the forum, inviting other likeminded souls to the discussion board, running your own category, right through to admin.

What do you think? Helpful or just another Western World pat on the head marketing ploy?

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