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Bannister handrail

Im taking an ex student rent house up to five star finish throughout - would like to make staircase handrail (three floors) a showpiece.

Its an unknown hardwood and has sanded back to quite a light colour.
I’d like to get a deep dark rich colour - such as mahogany/rosewood/walnut and a high gloss shine

any ideas or top tips ??

I recently had to touch up a vanity pedestal holding a bedroom sink. It was cheap mdf and veneer that had become line scaled in parts and worn at the edges.

Wish I had a pic, but after a thorough cleaning I used some Sadolin Rosewood, orange tin (is that the Extra??) and it matched perfectly. Slightly unorthodox, as it’s an exterior finish, but at least it would resist water splashes.

Just a suggestion for a starting point. It’s also semi-opaque, if that’s the right term, ie not solid, so you should get some wood grain effect through it.