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Barn painting/Sadolin query

Hi all,

I have recently been asked to paint an 18th Century Barn conversion which was last painted about 8 years ago with Sadolin Extra Durable (semi gloss) in Jacobean Walnut. Customer now wants to go ebony but achieve a Matt finish

My understanding is that SE can be painted over SC but not other way around which is confirmed by Sadolin Technical who further say only way is to completely strip off the SE. As barn is pretty big I don’t see this as a practical or economic solution and wondered if anyone had any other ideas ?


You’ll certainly need a lot of patience stripping that lot and the client will need deep pockets. As alternatives look into The Sadolin Superdec system or the Dulux Aquatech opaque woodstain system, have a look online at the datasheets and if you have queries then take it up wi the relevant tech departments.

If you give the client choices, very often you will get the job.