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Barry, Old hand decorator coming back

Hello to you all,

Just a quick note on my trade,
i was a self employed Decorator up until 1989 when the recession hit had about 4/6 blokes working for me lost a few bob and a friend of mine said why not run a few jobs for us,I thought why not I will hide until the recession is over,
so that was me construction manager for 20 odd years always hated it but the money was good, got ,company that I was working for then went down the tube June 2010 due to ongoing treatment with prostate problems working for a new company was ruled out
and That was that redundant at age 62, got me a van and that was it back on the road, man in a van, loved it, most of my work coming in now is Decs also now 65 semi retired but only got state pension
private pensions three of them not worth a rub,so wrapped them up as a death cert for my OH, so that’s me semi retired and finding WB gloss is taking over from oil and looking at forums for information
bought some Bulls eye 123 + and bedec advanced gloss yesterday and used it on a job today went well , but Brewers are too dear will buy my next lot online.
looking at hand painted kitchens but lots to learn, will start with my own pine kitchen, loads of questions to ask

hope I have not bored you to death

Best wishs all,

Hope I have posted in the correct place

Welcome Barry, thats a long road trod. Enjoy your new lease of life with water based paint :slight_smile:

Cheers Andy,

Can’t believe how good you lads get these hand painted kitchens


Tend not to use Bullseye :slight_smile:

Hi Warren, not wanting to teach you to suck eggs, but just a quick bit of my own experience with Brewers… yes, the best prices are online, but if you go into Brewers and tell the manager what your online prices are, they will often match them, or get close to them. Buying online is almost always cheaper, but when you need something that day at least you should be able to haggle a bit! Despite being a one-man-band myself I’ve got myself the same trade discounts as a big firm, sometimes more on certain products. But you do have to check that you’re getting a discount with every product you buy! I always ask 'is that all including my ‘Charlie discount’ and frequently there is an item or two which ‘hasn’t yet been put on my discount list’. It’s worth a try!

So many different approaches in dec merchants. Best prices (as long as you haggle and keep on asking) Best value every time. Best service. Best coffee. Personally I worked out how much it costs to pop in to a merchant to buy the odd thing, and you need a mighty big order with a nice discount to make up the real cost of the occasional / emergency purchase. Business ways for small firms, I think it is best to plan ahead and carry your own stock of incidentals and to avoid running out, keep topping up with orders from your armchair.

[quote]Quote from Andy Crichton on January 28, 2014, 23:15
Tend not to use Bullseye :)[/quote]

I am not a fan myself. What are you on Andy for going over gloss Supergrip or Mythic All purpose or Mythic universal or just normal acrylic primer? I might try Zinsser Allcoat as apparently it sands well.

Not used Allcoat to be honest. Sand and Gloss Off is a belt and braces option.

Right you are Andy, I am doing the same at the moment.

Welcome too Barry by the way and thanks for your extensive intro. I think we might hear some good stories from you!