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Basement painting

Hi all . Job I start tommorrow is a celler convertion.
All been plastered and new wood . Really smart job gonna be a gym / games room and smart bathroom down there to . Now on ceiling and walls going to seal it all with gardz then coat of contract then 2 coats of farrow n ball modern emulsion . But I was thinking for wood work which they want a satin finish in brilliant white , it’s gonna have to be a water based one as there is no natural light down there so any oil
Based satin ( which I do prefer) will go yellow fast . So was wandering any brand u could recommend. Many thanks gaz

for a budget job, 2 x coats of Johnstones Aqua SatinWood (with a very solid undercoat)
for a premium finish, Mylands “Pure White” acrylic eggshell

Cheers pal . I mean it’s gotta be decent . All woodwork is gonna get 2 / 3 coats of bullseye 123 first so should be solid after that . Where would I get the second product u mentioned ?

Benjamin Moore Advanced Satin, its fab can’t praise it enough I’ve used Mylands for years but not going back now.

I have to admit I’ve heard of it an read up on it but never used it . Would 2 x coats over well prepped woodwork be enough ? Il give it 2 x coats of zinzzer 123 first