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Beach Hut Bird Box

A big recently has been replacing the old bird nest box and I fancied the beach hut style with some funky colours or stripes but where can I get small tins eg 150ml of such paint?
The only small pot of paint I could find at a reasonable cost was the Plastikote Harbour Blue, all the other colours were ones I had in stock (small Humbrol tins)
This is what I finished up with:

Hi thanks for posting question, look at Capriol Amphilbolin,you can buy in sample pot 200,can be used in and out as well, I used Humbrol the other day,a good modellers paint.

I have to admit that I thought that Humbrol had gone out of business, I didn’t realise that after the fire in Hull Hornby bought the model paint side of the business. I suppose that since lockdown I haven’t been in model shops where they are most likely to stock them. The range of colours is very extensive.
Looking at the photo reminds me I should scrape the overpaint off that right hand corner! No sign of the blue tits inspecting it yet, maybe I should change estate agents.