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Bedec barn paint

Hi I’ve been applying bedec barn paint County cream on top of prepared exterior weathered old white gloss .it’s struggled to cover in 2 coats .am I doing something wrong I heard this was supposed to be one of the best opaques on the market please help.if not which is the best?cheers again guys.

I’ve struggled with BEDEC products - both opacity and finish (plasticy)
my experience with all acrylic/water based products is prime/undercoat for adhesion and opacity (e.g. Johnstones AquaTec undercoat) then two topcoats of choice

Cheers for the advice I used the barn paint because they said on bare timber just thin the barn paint 30-40% no need for a primer. I’m starting to realise if using waterbased/acrylic paints even white on white is minimum 3 coats. On a dark brown varnished door i wanted to turn white I had to give 1 BIN 3 johnstones aqua undercoats 1 aqua gloss and you could of given it another gloss.
What is the answer?