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Bedec undercoat/gloss

HI folks can anyone give any feed back on theses products thanks

It is a great water based system, non yellowing but same as most it is a 3 coat system. I undercoat and 2 top coats. I have used it and the Aqua Satin for a while

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It’s a good system. The gloss is one of the better w/b ones if you put it on right and the primer/undercoat work perfectly with it. Don’t like the ammonia smell much though.


I have never used the uc. I go straight on with gloss, but mostly satin. Used it for quite some time now. Have just tested Mythic bl satin side by side. Mythic has a slight grey tone, Bedec has a slightly yellow colour to it.

I find Mythic easier to apply and cut in with

No adhesion problems doing that Craig?

Nope. Non at all. Guve it a rub down. Make sure its clean and paint
straight on. Done it for about a year now with no call backs, even at home.

As with all waterbased needs a week to really harden off and adhere but
after that its fine. I have even dropped my exterior ladder against it,
which only left a black mark that I wiped off.

I’d say that Bedec has better adhesion than others like Mythic bl and perma
white - which claim to be self priming

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