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Bee Gee Brushes Q&A

Bee Gee Brushes are Trade Corner Manufacturers:

Just as way of an introduction for BeeGee Brushes;

BeeGee’s are based in the West Midlands (my TP area!), so naturally, I have quite a lot of involvement with the Company. They are a small business producing remarkable handmade brushes - and have been for a fair few decades… what they don’t know about brush manufacture, isn’t worth knowing!

If you’re interested in having a bespoke brush made, or you need a new set of paint effect brushes, BeeGee are the chaps for you… in fact, you probably already own one of their brushes and don’t even know it…

For further information, please take a look at their website; for a fantastic taste of what they are about.

If you have any queries, please contact me direct.



do you think they could make a 6 inch laying off brush ?