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Beech floor in hallway - best wood finish

This is a question from a regular reader

[quote]I have just uncovered a beech strip flooring under the carpet in the hall and would ask what the best application would be, ie wax or other. I will of course be sanding the surface as it is slightly worn in places but otherwise in good condition.

As it is in a bungalow the hall is central to all of the rooms therefore whatever the application it has to be dry enough to walk on X hours later.

Further to this, because the floor has settled the joint between skirting and floor has, in some places, a large gap of and up to circa 8-10 millimetre. What is the best fill system should I use bearing in mind there ‘may’ be further movement.

Look forward to your reply.[/quote]

My contribution would be beading around the edge. Like on this American pine floor painted with Osmo

I agree with you Andy - use Osmo Polyx Oil. Available in Matt, Satin Matt or Semi Matt. I know there are others out there, but it has never failed me in over 10 years of using it.

If you want it to be dry in 4-5 hours then you can go for the Polyx Rapid set - which you can, if you get up early and have a good run, do 2 coats in a day. Alternatively you can add their 2k hardener to the standard Polyx, which will decrease the drying times and leave you with a commercial grade finish without the need for machine application.