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Beeline primer sealer over old pasted walls

I have been using the Beeline primer sealer and cant help but feel it is pva and it looks and smells like it but many say using pva prior to painting is not advised. Does this sealer seal in wall paste residue, and hold down flaking paint to?

It is not builders PVA, it is a sealer, size and binds down dodgy surfaces. I have found it to be a 100% reliable sealer for walls and ceilings prior to lining and papering previously papered plaster and other surfaces. It was upgraded a year or two ago, as it were, for overpainting.

I’m not familiar with using Beeline Primer sealer as a sealer in the circumstance you describe for painting. Good to see you can get it.

Oh I thought it could be used to seal a wall that had paste residue on it to be able to paint over it. I did not realize it was only for wallpapering over

I didn’t explain myself very well. It IS formulated for overpainting as you describe, but I just haven’t been in the position to use it like that, so I can’t give you any feedback personally.

Maybe zinsser guardz is what you need, you can apply over wall paper paste residue.