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Ben Moore Ceiling Paint

Just finished an extension, budget was so tight that by the end of the job I was contemplating selling one of my kidneys to bank roll the job. Couple of days left and to save money the paint job was a run around with standard jonos - white. 4 coats on the ceiling and 7 on the walls - I’m an idiot.
I know my colleague would be saying jonos acrylic, but I don’t like the finish it’s a bit patchy.

In between building I nipped across to another job, plastered an artex ceiling, mist coated and used my last drop of mythic ceiling paint - the last drop and now gone forever, but the ceiling covered well with 1 one coat of mythic and super flat.
So now what, I have an ongoing quest to find a quality white paint that covers and is flat. I also want to bulk buy as the local suppliers’ prices seem to be propelled by rocket fuel. So was wondering about gallons of BM. Any other suggestions are welcome, especially as every client wants white.
BM for ceilings or a bulk buy of classic classidur. How about the walls - love Mylands, but limited colours. Alternatively, give up painting.

I solely use BM paints on all my jobs now, apart from ceilings, the ceiling paint covers nice and lovely and flat, but as I brush everything I find it hard to apply and it kills brushes.

So for ceilings I now only use Tikkurila AR2, covers in two and has a very flat finish, easy to apply and kind on brushes.

For walls I use either BM Aura or Regal, 3,500 colours to pick from and yet to find a colour that doesn’t cover in two.

Woodwork I use Scuff-X eggshell, once cured it’s bomb proof.

What’s the BM ceiling paint made of that its killing brushes. Jonos hybrids - the aqua stuff for the woodwork is hard on brushes.

Are they giving you a good price on the BM?

I would go to Holmans Paints for Tikkurila but you need to go big on the orders, otherwise you get stung on postage.

Any thoughts on the review.

I’m info gathering

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Hi very good product,4 coats on ceiling 7 on wall, I would have used zinerser allcoat on ceiling,and mathys paracem deco on walls.If it was a modern house,i would have gardz ceiling,over cheap contractors paint, then painted ceiling.Johnstones used to do a good high opacity paint,but i dont think they make it any more,used to cover really well.

Hi Darlic
Please tell me you don’t use allcoat on ceilings?
Quite a few of the ceilings and walls I paint, I’ve plastered. Very rare these days I do a straight dec out. So new plaster. I want to hit it like I did today with a couple of coats. If I’m using more than that, it means Ive scratched around in the shed to see what I have left in order to save money. But you don’t save money hitting new plaster with lots of coats of paint.
I also liked the old mythic paint. No drag went on smoothly and covered well. Looked sharp.
I compared it with the paint that the client had put on the wall and massive difference. In quality. Not a reflection of my painting but paint quality.
Ok so here is the rub. My mate buys johnstones acrylic paint over and over, likewise I want one go to paint manufacturer. I want to be able to get hold of it easily and I don’t want problems when it comes out of the tin. So I liked the tikkarila suggestion, buy it up in 10l tubs maybe 10 at a time. Then I was wondering about BM. It needs to go on quickly so I’m making a profit.
Have looked over the years at mathys para but never committed - how is that going for you?

Hi different strokes for different folks, yes used all coat water based on ceilings, have you tried it?When i buy a paint i study the data sheet,then ask for feedback,its a great product, think they used it on Gatwick airport.Another one i used zinerser ceiling pro 5 in 1,both 1 hour recoat times.With mathys,yes used a fair bit recoat one hour, very nice paint.

This is new plaster, my son applied 1 coat of gardz,this is the first coat of emulsion,a properly sealed surface is worth a lot as you no,thats the first coat of emulsion.

Expensive stuff the 5 in 1.
Sprayed a garage door with allcoat, decent finish.
Ok so I want to cut out the middleman. Local suppliers know me give me a decent price but costs are rising and paint companies are getting more itchy over their colours being put into someone else’s product. I want simple, same products every week, do a bulk buy on a product I can trust with mythic quality. That’s why I’m interested in BM. and the tikkurila.
So tell me about the anti reflex, might be a keeper for the ceilings and then I need a product with it own set of colours for the walls.

i don’t no much about Benjamin moor ,i looked at there ceiling paint, but never used it, my decorators merchant ants, said they sell a lot of it, easy touch up as well, I spoke to someone recently he uses scuff, he said he couldn’t imagine spending that much money, now he couldn’t be without it.Mathys can be tinted to any colour.

Interesting a supplier selling BM. Local suppliers here have the Little green and FB machines in pride of place.
Anyway, as you mention a few quid needs to be spent on decent paint, no point spending hours laying up coats of vinyl or midde of the road acrylic to cover walls and ceilings. Will give that BM ceiling paint and Mathys a go and see what happens.